Snack Bars from schock’s

Been to Switzerland – Geneva in September, where I always buy some chocolate bars of  Schock´s to take some back to Vienna.

I take one or two chocolate bar(s) with me since they come in quite handy when I am not sure that I can get a quick glutenfree snack eg. when travelling by train.

All of those snack bars are organic and glutenfree. A further aspect why I like them so much is that I love nuts in general – so no wonder I fell in love particularly with the pistaches variety.

I bought this product in Geneva.

About glfr Mary

Since 1991 when I was diagnosed to have coeliac disease I live a glutenfree life, travel a lot and enjoy it. Here I want to share my experiences. I want to show everyone that a glutenfree life is not as complicated as is seems for newly diagnosed.
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