Brown Millet Flakes from Werz

You to have a go on something new for breakfast? Usually I have for breakfast some corn, rice flakes or a classic rice pudding/?fudge.

Today I found: Brown Millet Flakes from “Werz”

I like this flakes cause they are bigger than the normal small corn flakes. When you taste them before adding yoghurt or milk they are very crunchy and taste bitter as there is no sugar or honey added. I just added a tablespoon of jam to the joghurt  and liked my breakfast very much… the taste of the brown millet flakes is special, but something different compared to corn or rice flakes. I am glad that I found this alternative since sometimes I am really fed up by the taste of corn and can´t see it anymore.

I bought this product at denn´s biomarket 1020 Vienna

About glfr Mary

Since 1991 when I was diagnosed to have coeliac disease I live a glutenfree life, travel a lot and enjoy it. Here I want to share my experiences. I want to show everyone that a glutenfree life is not as complicated as is seems for newly diagnosed.
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