Mole West Restaurant Neusiedl am See

Saturday was a beautiful day for a little trip to the countryside. Neusiedl am See is approx. 30 min from Vienna and a perfect destination for a short trip to the Mole west restaurant right at the lake.
There is also the McArthur Glenn Outlet Center in Parndorf nearby which makes the journey especially for women/shopaholic’s worth it. I know the Mole West now for several years and have been there at least once or twice a year. This year´s  first visit  offered a big and highly appreciated surprise. Their dishes are now, for the first time, marked with G=glutenfree, L= lactosefree or V for Vegetarian. That´s absolutely perfect for me. I used to eat a Risotto there, which is glutenfree by nature…. so I did that this time too however it was a reassuring feeling to see the G for glutenfree next to the dish you chose. The risotto was delicious as always  further the fresh ingredients and the way it looked like was very appealing to me again. Also the exceptional service and the breathtaking view  of the “Neusiedler See” makes me coming back again and again and again….

About glfr Mary

Since 1991 when I was diagnosed to have coeliac disease I live a glutenfree life, travel a lot and enjoy it. Here I want to share my experiences. I want to show everyone that a glutenfree life is not as complicated as is seems for newly diagnosed.
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