Pizzeria Mediterrano, 1220 Vienna

This pizzeria is located in the suburbs of Vienna . The location is perfect for a dinner on a hot summer night cause it is almost  on the countryside of  Vienna. But as I have not had a glutenfree pizza in a restaurant for years I was excited to go there and to  try a real Italian glutenfree pizza. For an additional charge of 2.20 € you can select any Pizza you want from their menu as glutenfree. I chose a Spinachi with goatcheese and a friend of mine who accompanied me chose the Provenciale with ham and chilies.

We did not have to wait for longer than for a „normal“ Pizza and got a real Italian pizza. Mhmm yummy it was really worth to come here. The restaurant also offers glutenfree pasta but for this time we where stuffed already with our Pizzas. The service was very attentive and the wine – a Chardonny was  very delicious  too.  I can recommend this restaurant cause you get a very good Pizza for a reasonable price in addition to a short trip to he suburbs of Vienna. Maybe I will return in summertime when there spaciouse outdoor area will be open enjoy again glutenfree homemade italian food. Thumbs up for this restaurant!

(our left-overs)



About glfr Mary

Since 1991 when I was diagnosed to have coeliac disease I live a glutenfree life, travel a lot and enjoy it. Here I want to share my experiences. I want to show everyone that a glutenfree life is not as complicated as is seems for newly diagnosed.
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